Further details of Mary Thomson, wife of John Robb

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FURTHER DETAILS OF MARY THOMSON, WIFE OF JOHN ROBB For details of Mary Thomson's later marriage to John Robb and their descendents Click here

As already mentioned the "Portrait and Biographical Album of Sanilac County" states that Mary Thomson was born at Killbank, Lanarkshire, in 1759, and died in 1846. This would fit with Mary Robb, nee Thomson being one and the same as the Mary Thomson baptised on 25 January 1760 in Lesmahagow parish, the daughter of James Thomson and Mary Lean in Gilbank, recorded in the OPR of Lesmahagow. This would seem to be confirmed by the fact that our Mary called her first daughter, traditionally called after the maternal grandmother, Mary, and her second son, traditionally called after the maternal grandfather, James. The date of birth would also tally with the Mary Robb aged 80 living with Thomas and John Robb at Sheaffy Knowe, Carstairs in the census of 1841 as being their mother Mary Robb, nee Thomson. (Unfortunately no relationships are given in 1841 census).

There appear to be records of eleven children in total baptised to James Thomson and Mary Lean recorded in the OPR of Lesmahagow:

There is also a record of the marriage of a James Thomson and Mary Lean on 7 June 1751 in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.

NOTE: There is a record of a James Thomson of Gillbank, Lesmahagow, paying tax on 3 horses in the Farm Horse Tax records 1797-1798, Volume 10. This could be James Thomson, the father, or James Thomson, his son.

In a transcription of the 1821 Lesmahagow Census Return, one of the few pre-1841 census returns to have names, James Thomson and M Alston were listed at Beattons, Lesmahagow, with the household identified as consisting of "5 Males" and "7 Females". I would presume this to be James Thomson, (b. 1771), the son of James Thomson and Mary Lean, along with his wife Margaret Alston, and their children, and possibly servants, and that Hillbank = Killbank = Gillbank.

Householder Forename Spouse Forename Address M F No.
Thomson James Alston M Hillbank 5 7 211

I believe James Thomson was initially married to Anne Scott on 14 August 1801 with the event recorded in the OPR for Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. James and Ann Scott had the following children -

I believe James Thomson was latterly married to Margaret Alston on 25 November 1817 with the event again recorded in the OPR for Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. James Thomson and Margaret Alston had the following children -.

The same James Thomson, the son of James Thomson and Mary Lean at was recorded at Killbank, Lesmahagow for the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses. James Thomson died on 18 April 1868 as noted in the index of Wills and Testaments - "Thomson, James - 18/4/1868 - esquire of Killbank, wife is Mrs Margaret Alston or Thomson, brother is John Thomson". Margaret Thomson, nee Alston, died on 23 June 1871 as noted in the index of Wills and Testaments - Thomson, Margaret - 23/6/1871 - Mrs, alias Alston, residing at Kilbank, parish of Lesmahagow, widow of James Thomson"