Further details where known of the children of Andrew Allison and Mary Marshall

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Further details where known of the Children of Andrew Allison and Mary Marshall

Mary Allison nee Marshall with her daughters, grand daughters and great grandchildren circa 1928

(Left to Right)

Margaret Herriot nee Allison born 1895 (Daughter)

Mary Marshall Black nee Allison born 1904 (Granddaughter)

Mary Allison nee Marshall (seated) with William Black born 1927 on her knee (Great Grandson)

Christina Allison born 1901 (Daughter)

Mabel Allison b 1910 (Granddaughter)


Annie Allison, born 9 June 1879, Malletsheugh, Mearns

On 6 June 1902 at Whitehills, Shotts Annie Allison married John Kennet White, a bricklayer, aged 25, of Newarthill, Bothwell, the son of William White, a spirit merchant, and Margaret Boag Bond. Annie was identified as spinster, aged 23, of Whitehill farm, Shotts, daughter of Andrew Allison, a Farm Manager, and Mary Allison m.s. Marshall. John's address was given as Newarthill, Bothwell and Mary's as Whitehill, Shotts the family home. The witnesses were Andrew Watt and Mary Allison. Annie and John had the following known children:

  • William Marshall White was born in 1902 in Holytown, Lanarkshire. He died of diphtheria on 27 Aug 1910 in County Hospital, Dalziel
  • Mary Marshall White was born in 1904 in Holytown, Lanarkshire. Mary married James Black, a motor mechanic, in 1927 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. James was born about 1901. Mary and James had the following known children: William born in 1927 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire; Annie Allison born in 1931 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. Annie married Robert Josey; Margaret Bond married Tom McClenaghan. Mary Marshall White died in 1986. 
  • Andrew Todd White was born in 1906 in Holytown, Lanarkshire. He died on 9 Jun 1907 in probably County Hospital, Dalziel
  • John Kenneth White was born on 13 Dec 1908 in Holytown, Lanarkshire. John married Margaret Clark Russell on 18 Jun 1938. Margaret was born on 7 Mar 1916 in Dalziel, Lanarkshire. John and Margaret had the following children: Margaret Wright Russell born 18 Aug 1940 who married William Milligan; Ann Allison born on 23 Dec 1956, who married Andrew Murray .John Kenneth White died on 18 Mar 1985. 
  • Robert Allison White was born on 20 Aug 1911 in Holytown, Lanarkshire. Robert, a bricklayer, never married and lived with his single sister Anne, caring for their father John White until his father's death. He himself died on 7 Jun 1986.
  • Margaret Bond White was born in 1914 in Holytown, Lanarkshire.
  • Ann Allison White was born on 14 Feb 1917 in Holytown, Lanarkshire.

Annie Allison with two of her children. 

Mary Marshall White (b 1904) and 

William Marshall White (b. 1902 - died of diptheria 1910).

For the census of 1911 Annie and John were living at 11 Biggar Road, Newarthill, with John recorded as a Bricklayer. Rather bizarrely it would seem that the two children William Marshall White born 1902 who died on 27 Aug 1910 and Andrew Todd White born 1906 who died on 9 Jun 1907 would seem to have been included in the census.


1911 Census (2 April) Holytown - 625/02 Book 3, Page 2

11 Biggar Road, Newarthill, Lanarkshire, (identified as having 2 Rooms with 1 or more windows)




Duration of


No of

Children Born

No of Children



Where Born

John K. White Head 34       Bricklayer Bothwell, Lanarkshire
Annie A. White Wife 31 8 4 2   Shotts, Lanarkshire
William Son 8       School Bothwell, Lanarkshire
Mary M. Daughter 6       School Bothwell, Lanarkshire
Andrew T. A. White Son 4         Bothwell, Lanarkshire
John K. White Son 2         Bothwell, Lanarkshire

Sadly Annie Allison died on 19 February 1917, 22 Biggar Street, Newarthill, with the informant being John K. White, widower.

William Allison, born 18 November 1881, Whitehill, Shotts

William Allison died single on 7th November 1903 at Whitehill, Shotts. The informant was his father and he is commemorated on the family headstone in Kirk O'Shotts.

Andrew Todd Allison, born 7 February 1884, Whitehill, Shotts

On 3 July 1906 in South Landrigg, Shotts, Lanarkshire Andrew Allison had a son by Annie Orr the daughter of Peter and Betsy Orr, who farmed Linrig farm. On the birth certificate the child is named as Andrew Allison but recorded as illegitimate. Andrew Todd Allison's name does appear as the father, identified as an engine keeper. It also appears along with the mother as an informant, and gives his address as Chapelhall, Bothewell. Annie was born about 1883 in Shotts and their son Andrew was and was brought up by her mother's parents. I understand his aunts Margaret and Christine often saw him at farm shows and could recognize him because he looked just like his father. Annie herself married a Robert Jackson in 1910 and died in 1947 in Shotts, Lanarkshire. Their son Andrew died unmarried on 4 Jul 1945 in Edinburgh Infirmary, Usual address 30 West Benhar Road, Eastfield, Harthill.

On 4 January 1911 in Bellshill, Andrew Todd Allison married Jessie Gallacher, aged 18, of 116 West End, Bellshill, the daughter of Andrew Gallacher, a dairyman, and Elizabeth Waddell . Andrew was identified as a milk salesman, aged 26, also of 116 West End, Bellshill, son of Andrew Allison, a farmer, and Mary Marshall. The witnesses were Walter Nichiolls and Mary Gallacher. Andrew and Jessie had the following known children:

Andrew Todd Allison died 15 October 1944 at 27 Abbotsford Street, Falkirk, with the informant being Thomas Allison, his son. Jessie Gallacher died in 1989.

Mary Marshall Allison, born 6 October 1886, Whitehill, Shotts

On 19th May 1910 Mary Marshall Allison gave birth to a baby girl Mabel Marshall Dalglish Allison. The baby was born at Craighead Farm where her parents had been farming since at least 1909. The informant was Mary Allison nee Marshall the child's grandmother. The birth certificate does not give a father's name but Mabel's descendents were led to believe that Mary was working as a maid and the father was her employer, (?? Mr Aitken ??) who had an invalid wife, and possibly with no children of his own.. The father wanted to bring the child up in his own household, but his family wouldn't hear of it. He did provide money to look after the child  until she was 14, when she left school. The baby Mabel was taken under the wing of her grandparents and grew up at Craighead Farm, whilst after the first year Mary left home to lead a separate life. 

Mabel emigrated to Canada in 1930 where she met and married Russell Dean High on 30 Sep 1933. Russell and Mabel had two children: Margaret High born in Sep 1934 in Canada and Anne Shirley High born on 22 Apr 1938 in Canada. Both their girls married and their descendents live in Canada and Australia. Much of what I know of the children of Andrew Allison and Mary Marshall comes from them.(for further details of Mabel's life and her descendents - See Appendix O)

On 16th April 1912 Mary Marshall Allison married Thomas Law, aged 33, a widower and a timber salesman, of St. Ives, Laurieston, Falkirk, the son of. Hugh Law, a farmer, and Susanna Robb. (Thomas Law was born on 16th September 1878, at Netherhouses farm, Armadale, near Bathgate). Mary was identified as a spinster, aged 25 also of St. Ives, Laurieston, Falkirk, the daughter of Andrew Allison, farmer, and Allison m.s. Marshall. The witnesses were Andrew Smart and Maggie Allison. Mary and Thomas are the next Generation in our Family History

Janet Allison,  born 12 January 1889, Whitehill, Shotts

On 30 September 1909 at Craighead Farm, Shotts, Lanarkshire, Janet Allison married Arthur Brown, aged 23, a carter of Lowchapel Street, Chapelhall, the son of Thomas Brown, a carter, and Elizabeth Miller. Janet was identified as a spinster, aged 20 of Craighead farm, Shotts, the daughter of Andrew Allison, a farmer and Mary Allison m.s. Marshall. The witnesses were William Robertson and M. Allison.

Family tradition suggests that Arthur perhaps was originally "stepping out" with Janet's sister, Mary Marshall Allison, and Mary felt that Janet had pinched her boyfriend.

For the census of 1911 Arthur and Janet were living at Lauchope Street, Chapelhall with Arthur listed as a Carter.

1911 Census (2 April) Holytown - 625/02 Book 18, Page 22

Lauchope Street, Chapelhall, Holyton, Lanarkshire, (identified as having 1 Room with 1 or more windows)




Duration of


No of

Children Born

No of Children



Where Born

Arthur Brown Head 24 Contracting Carter Chapelhall, Lanarkshire
Janet Brown Wife 22 2 0 0   Shotts, Lanarkshire

11 days after this census Janet and Arthur had their first child a daughter, Mary Marshall Allison Brown born 13 April 1911 at Lauchope Street, Chapelhall with the birth registered by Arthur.

Arthur, Janet and baby Mary emigrated to Canada seemingly in 1913, going by later census records. It would also seem that Arthur's father, Thomas, and most of his siblings, Mary, Beatrice, James, Elizabeth, and James also emigrated to Canada in the same year as they are all recorded in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for the 1916 provincial census with 1913 given as the date of their arrival. Whether they went en masse is unknown.

Shortly after their arrival in Canada Arthur and Janet had a second child, Elizabeth (Bessie) born circa 1914 in Saskatchewan. Family tradition suggests that Arthur had trouble getting enough work to look after his wife and young family so Janet returned home to her family in Scotland whilst Arthur stayed on to establish himself. It is unknown at what point Janet left Canada but I would assume sometime in 1915. Certainly for the census of 1916 there is a record of what would appear to be Arthur lodging on his own in the home of Robert McBeth in River Street, Prince Albert. Saskatchewan. He was recorded as aged 29, married, born in Scotland, and working as a Teamster for an Ice Merchant. However later that same year Janet returned to Canada presumably to stay as there is a record of a Janet A. Brown aged 27, born in Scotland, sailing on 4 October 1916 on board the SS Pretorian from Glasgow arriving in Quebec on 15 October 1916. She is recorded as married, and has with her two daughters - Mary, aged 5 born in Scotland, and Bessie, aged two born in Canada. They are ALL recorded as "returning Canadians" and were recorded as having been previously in Saskatchewan for two years. Their destination was given as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

For the census of 1921 Arthur and his family  Canada.

For the census of 1921 Janet and Arthur were recorded at 611 Ave T, Ward 2, Polling Division No 16, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with their two elder children, and the addition of the latest addition, Jeanette, born about 1919, Arthur was employed as a millwright working with (Saskatchewan Government) Elevators

1921 / Saskatchewan / Saskatoon 227 / Sub District 42 / Ward 2 Polling Division No16/ Page 14


Relationship Age Place of Birth Father's Place of Birth Mother's Place of Birth Year of Immigration Occupation
Arthur Brown Head 33 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1913 Millwright - Elevator
Jeanette Brown Wife 31 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1913  
Polly Brown Daughter 10 Scotland Scotland Scotland 1913  
Bessie Brown Daughter 7 Saskatchewan Scotland Scotland    
Jeanette Brown Daughter 1 Saskatchewan Scotland Scotland    

Arthur Brown died on 27 November 1962 and was interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 30 November 1962. Janet Allison Brown died on 9 October 1976 and was interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 13 October 1976. The local paper The Star Phoenix of Saskatoon carried obituaries.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix - October 12, 1976 - Page 39 - Obituary for Janet Allison Brown

Saskatoon Star Phoenix - November 29, 1962 - Page 28 -- Obituary for Arthur Brown

BROWN - The passing of Mrs Janet Allison Brown age 87 years of 414 Avenue U South, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on Saturday, October 9th, 1976. A Private Graveside Service will be held on Wednesday, October 13th at 2:30 p.m. conducted by Rev. Dr. R. A. Davidson. Surviving are: three daughters: Miss Mary Brown of Saskatoon; Mrs. Alex (Bessie) Duncan of Vancouver, B.C. and Mrs John (Janet) Clark of Saskatoon; two grand-daughters; one grandson; two great grandsons and three sisters; Mrs. Tom Law; Mrs John Herriot and Miss Christina Allison, all in Scotland. She was predeceased by her husband, Arthur, on November 26th, 1962. The late Mrs. Brown was born in Scotland and after coming to Canada lived in Prince Albert, Sask. for a short while, before coming to Saskatoon in 1913 and has resided here since. Mrs. Brown was a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. The family gratefully decline flowers and friends who wish may make material donations to The Canadian Diabetic Association, 2000 115th St,. Group Box 25, Saskatoon. Interment will take place in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel.

BROWN - THE PASSING OF MR. Arthur Brown, aged 76 years, beloved husband of Mrs. Janet Allison Brown of 414 Avenue U South, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital. The funeral service will be held on Friday, November 30th at 3:15 p.m., from Park Funeral Chapel, conducted by Rev. M. Nicholson. Surviving are three daughters. Miss Mary at home, Mrs. A. Duncan (Bessie) Vancouver, B.C., Mrs J. Clark (Janet) Saskatoon; one brother , James, in Alberta; four sisters, Mary and Beatrice, both in Alberta, Mrs. Scott, Victoria, B.C. and Jeannie in the U.S.A.; there grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Born in Scotland, Mr. Brown came to Canada in 1913 and resided in Prince Albert for two years before coming to Saskatoon, where he had resided for the past 49 years. He was employed as an electrical engineer with the Saskatchewan Government Elevators until his retirement in 1952. He was a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and was Tyler of Sask. Lodge No. 16 A.F. & A.M. and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. Masonic rites will be conducted by Sask. Lodge No. 16 A.F. & A.M. under the direction of Worshipful Master J. E. D. Hoskins. Interment will take place in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery.

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David Allison, born 29 June 1891, Cityside, Shotts

David Allison died on 24 Jun 1896 in Whitehill, Shotts. The informant was his father and he is commemorated on the family headstone in Kirk O'Shotts.

Robert Allison, born 14 September 1893 Whitehill, Shotts

On 29 Jan 1915 in Mill farm, Gartness, Airdrie Robert Allison married Jeannie Forsyth Chalmers, aged 20 of Mill farm, Gartness, the daughter of Thomas Chalmers, a farmer, and Elizabeth Fleming . Robert was identified as a farm servant, aged 21, of Craighead farm, Shotts, son of Andrew Allison, a farmer (deceased), and Mary Marshall. The witnesses were Alexnder C. Mungall? and Maggie C. Chalmers. Robert and Jeannie had the following known children: 

Jeannie Chalmers died on 19 Jan 1955 in Newton farm Cottage, Cambuslang and Robert Allison died 5 years later on 17 Aug 1960. Buried Kirk O'Shotts

Margaret Allison, born on 19 December 1895, Whitehill, Shotts

On 30 Mar 1917 in Shotts, Lanarkshire Margaret Allison married John Herriot, aged 21, a coal miner of Salsburgh, Shotts, son of Archibald Herriot a spirit salesman and Jeannie Sneddon (deceased). Margaret was identified as a farmer's daughter, aged 21 of Craighead farm, Shotts, the daughter of Andrew Allison, a farmer (deceased) and Mary Allison m.s. Marshall. The witnesses were Richard Black and Jane F. Milne. John and Margaret had the following children:

Meg , as she was known, was a reputed to have been a difficult teenager to the extent that her parents would lock her in her room to stop her from going dancing in Salsburgh. Undaunted she would climb out the window. She became pregnant by John Herriot and her parents would not let her marry him, because he was a miner and said to be beneath them as farmers. Their first child was a little girl called May. When Margaret fell pregnant a second time by John her parents gave in and let her marry. The second child was a son Archie, Soon after John Herriot emigrated to the United States and while he was absent sadly, both children died. Upon his return Margaret and John had two more children, a son John and another Andrew. Her husband John, always a gambler, became a bookie and retired from mining. 

John Herriot died on 28 Jul 1969 and Margaret Allison died ten years later on 3rd July 1979 and was buried Kirk O'Shotts.

John Allison, born 9 November 1898, Whitehill, Shotts

 According to family sources John took over running the family farm when he was only 17 after his brother Robert married. Just before his 18th birthday John was called up for service in the First World War but the Duke of Hamilton seems to be instrumental in getting him excused war service presumably on the basis he was required to work the land. In 1924 the farm lease of 15 years was up and the Duke of Hamilton, who seemed to admire the young John for his efforts, offered Craighead to him on what was believed to be very reasonable terms. However John didn't want to stay there and so didn't tell his mother about the offer until it was too late. The farm was then purchased by the Gibson family who were in another local farm. It is understood that one of the Gibson brothers was on the council and knew that the new Glasgow to Edinburgh road was going through the lands of Craighead and that good compensation would be forthcoming!

On 3 June 1926 in Bellshill, John Allison married Agnes Thom, a dairymaid, aged 18, of South Alderston farm, Bellshill the daughter of William Thom, a farmer (deceased), and Jeanie McAuley, although by the time of her marriage Agnes's mother had remarried to a John Lamont in 1917. John was identified as a road surfaceman, aged 27, of Mills farm, Gartness, son of Andrew Allison, a farmer (deceased) and Mary Allison m.s. Marshall. The witnesses were Robert Thom, Parkmains, Inchinnan, and Jeannie Paton, The Cottage, Inchinnan. It would appear the marriage was not a success as in the December of 1938, John and Agnes divorced. It would seem the divorce was instigated by John, a ploughman, whose address was given as c\o Herriot, 111 Main Street, Salsburgh, Lanarkshire, suggesting he was lodging with his sister Margaret and her husband John Herriot. Agnes's last "only known address" was given c\o Messrs Blackstock, Rose & Co., SSC, 4 Bernard Street, Leith, presumably her solicitors. John went on to remarry two years after his divorce, marrying a Mary Sinclair Bruce on 28 June 1940 in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Mary, aged 39, was the daughter of Henry Bruce, and Engine Keeper, and Margaret Webster. Mary died on 22 July 1965, with the death registered in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, and John died on 21 April 1970, with the death also registered in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. The couple were commemorated on a headstone in Shotts Kirkyard along with John's younger sister Christina. It is unknown whether there were any children born to John and Agnes or John and Mary although the latter seems unlikely.

DIED 21st APRIL 1970
DIED 22nd JULY 1965
DIED 16th Aug 1989

Agnes also went on to remarry, marrying a William Kirkwod, a farmer on 22 October 1942 in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire. William, aged 55, was the son of Robert Kirkwood, a Farmer, and Agnes Dunlop, and both parties gave their addresses as 61 Bond Grove, Eastriggs, Dumfries. Willim died in 1974 and Agnes in 1999, with both deaths registered in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

Christina Allison, born 15 August 1901, Whitehill, Shotts

Christine Allison had a child out of wedlock in the September of 1918 when she was 17. It would seem that the father's mother took in the baby but sadly the infant died 5 weeks after birth on the 15 October 1918 at Gordon Place, Jerviston. The informant was Jeannie Sneddon - Guardian. When Christina's mother Mary died, Christina inherited her money . John was furious because he said Christina had spent her time nursing cats and he had worked the farm. Christina went to Allers' Farm, a dairy farm, near East Kilbride to be housekeeper for Robert Chalmers, a bachelor. She was there until Robert's death in his 90's when she inherited the farm and all his assets. She sold the farm but kept the hired man's cottage, living there until she moved to a nursing home at 108 Park Terrace, High Blantyre. She died 16 August 1989 presumably at the nursing home at 108 Park Terrace, High Blantyre, and was commemorated on her brother's headstone in Shotts Kirkyard. (above)