Thoughts on the parentage of Helen Young, born circa 1799, spouse of James Dougal.

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Thoughts on the parentage of Helen Young, born circa 1799, spouse of James Dougal.

As already stated later censuses record Helen's place of birth as Uphall Parish, Livingston and her age from various sources would make her born circa 1799/1804. Acording to her later death certificate Helen was the daughter of James Young, a gardener, and Agnes Black, but no record of the birth of a Helen Young to James Young and Agnes Black around these dates has been found. Neither have births of any other children to this couple have been found or a record of a marriage. This of course may be because no record was kept or any record has been lost.

However it might just be that the mother's name on her death certificate is in fact incorrect.

Using the naming format for children often used around this time i.e.

.... one might expect Helen's mother, the maternal grandmother to have been called Christian, as she named her first daughter Christian.

There is a birth on 5th Novemder and baptism on 17th November 1799 of a Helen Young daughter of James Young and Christian Ewing, recorded in the OPR of Uphall. This would fit with "our" Helen both from an age and with the aforementioned naming convention at least on the female side of the children of James Dougal and Helen Young.

As both paternal and maternal grandparents, as well as the father were called James, the naming of the eldest son fullfills all three criteria. The other sons then may have possibly been named for uncles - Hugh Dougal, James's younger brother, and William Young, Helens eldest brother?

There is no record of a marriage of James Young and Christian Ewing but going by the records of children born to them it seems likely they married about 1775 and were therefore born circa 1755. There are records of 8 children born to James Young and Christian Ewing in the OPR of Uphall or Strathbrock. (It is assumed the first helen born in 1781 died in infancy.)

There is also a burial recorded in the OPR of Uphall or Strathbrock for a Christian Young, with associated names - James Young / Ewing - Age 63 on 15 March 1819.

There is a birth\baptism recorded on 20 February 1753 in Abercorn, West Lothian of a Christian Ewing, the daughter of William Ewing and Helen Young which would fit as the birth of the above but this more than a little speculative.