Inventory of John Dougal deponed by Isabella Johnston or Dougal 1892.

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John Dougal

Stamp 1-10/- 


16 June 1892 

At Edinburgh the seventeenth day of June Eighteen hundred and ninety two the following Inventory of the Personal Estate of the deceased John Dougal was presented by Mr. P. J. Purves SSC Inventory of the Personal Estate wheresoever situated of John Dougal who resided at 3 Dalmeny Street, Leith and who died in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on the seventeenth day of March Eighteen hundred and ninety two. Scotland

1. Cash in the House     5 -     -
2. Household Furniture and other effects in the deceased's house conform to Valuation     17 -  0 - 9
3. Sum contained in a policy of Life Insurance by the London Edinburgh and Glasgow Assurance Company Limited   100 -     -
4 Rents of Heritage due by the following tenants falling under executry vizt: - John Drysdale for Cottage, offices and ground at Dechmont. For half year from Martinmas 1891 toWhitsunday 1892 7 -    -  
  Mrs Robertson for cottage and garden at Dechmont for Do. 2 -  5 -  
    9 -  5 -  
  Proportion thereof from Martinmas 1891 to date of death            5 - 10 -  2
  Total amount of Personal Estate   127 - 10 - 11

(signed) Isabella Dougall, Henry Doig J. P. At Edinburgh the fifteenth day of June One thousand eight hundred and ninety two In presence of Henry Doig one of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of The City of Edinburgh Appeared Mrs Isabella Johnston or Dougal residing at Number three Dalmeny Street, Leith who being solemnly sworn and examined Depones that the said John Dougal her husband who resided at number three Dalmeny Street, Leith died in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh upon the seventeenth day of March eighteen hundred and ninety two and left a widow and lawful issue surviving. That the Deponent has entered upon the possession and management of the deceased estate as Executive dative Qua relict of the deceased conform to Decree by the Sheriff of the Lothian and Peebles dated the tenth day of June Eighteen hundred and ninety two. That the Deponent does not know of any testamentary settlement or other writing left by the deceased relative to the disposal of his personal estate or effects or any part thereof. That the foregoing Inventory signed by the deponent and the said Justice of the Peace as relative hereto is a full and complete Inventory of the personal estate and effects of the said deceased John Dougal wheresoever situated and belonging or due to him at the time of his death, in so far as the same has come to the knowledge of the deponent. That the Deponent does not know of any money or property belonging to the deceased secured by Scottish bonds or other Investments excluding executors. That the deceased had heritable estate in this country. That the value at this date of the said personal estate and effects including the proceeds accrued thereon down to this date does not exceed Three hundred pounds Sterling. That confirmation of said personal estate is required in favor of the deponent. All which is truth as the Deponent shal answer to God. - (signed) Isabella Dopugal. Henry Doig J.P.