Some further speculation on the ancestory of James Findlay of Forres

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Some further speculation on the ancestory of James Findlay and his spouse Janet Murray

James Findlay - cartwright 

If the assumption is made that James Findlay, hirer, was the father of James Findlay, squarewright/cartwright, one could then start to speculate about his parentage. His eldest son was called William, which would suggest a father called William.

There is a James Findlay born/baptised on 20th February 1726 to a William Findlay, a farmer at Hempriggs, and Margaret Young, recorded in the Forres parish register.

If this James Findlay and the later James Findlay, hirer,  were one and the same it would make him nearly 23 at the time of his marriage, in 1748, to Margaret Brown, which is reasonable.


James Findlay
B.  8th September 1758 Forres
D.  ????????
Occ. Squarewright/cartwright
 James Findlay Margaret Brown
M. 22nd October 1748 Forres
B. 20th February 1726 Alves Moray B. ????????
D. ???????? D. ????????
Occ. Hirer, Forres
William Findlay  Margaret Young
M. ????????
B. ???????? B. ????????
D. ???????? D. ????????
Occ. Farmer, Hempriggs

Janet Murray - his spouse

There is an 1841 census in Forres for Janet Muray's granddaughter Janey Roy which records her as a servant in the household of Janet Murray, washerwoman, aged 70 and born in Morayshire. No relationships are given in the 1841 census not exact ages or place of births, but it would seem highly likely that this Janet Murray was actually Janet Roy's grandmother, widow of James Findlay, cartwright. It was not uncommon for widows in Scotland to be recorded by their maiden names after the death of their husband.

From her age in this census she would have been born 1766-1771 and this would fit with her being Janet Murray the daughter of Thomas Murray and Helen Dickson, baptised 28 February 1768 in Forres. Thomas and Helen have a further three children listed in the IGI; George baptised 20 January 1759, David baptised 10 October 1761, and Helen baptised 11 August 1765 all in Forres. No marriage of Thomas Murray and Helen Dickson has been found.