Elizabeth Wright who married Ebenezer Hendry on 7 January 1839 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire

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Further details for Elizabeth Wright who married Ebenezer Hendry.

Elizabeth Wright married Ebenezer Hendry on 7 January 1839 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire as recorded in the Alloa parish register. I believe Ebenezer was baptised on 25 September 1782, as recorded in the Alloa parish register, the son of James Henry, a Weaver, and Margaret Neil. Ebenezer, a Carter, had originally been married to Margaret Donaldson in 1804 as recorded in the Alloa Parish Register, by whom he had five known children - John Hendry born 3rd March 1805, Peter Hendry born on 18th August 1806, Ebenezer Hendry born on 3rd March 1811, Margaret Hendry born on 23rd August 1812, and Mary Hendry born on 1st January 1815, all recorded in the Alloa Parish Register. (For further details on Ebenezer Hendry, Margaret Donaldson, their ancestry and children - Click here)

Marriage Record of Elizabeth Wright and Ebenezer Hendry of 7 January 1839 - the Alloa parish register.

For the 1841 census the couple were recorded together resident at Bridge Street, Alloa. Ebenezer Hendry was recorded as aged 55, an Agricultural Labourer, born in Clackmannanshire, and what is presumed to be his wife Elizabeth Wright aged 40, NOT born in Clackmannanshire. Ebenezer's occupation of Agricultural Labourer does not immediately fit with previously given occupations of Merchant or Carter for the Ebenezer Hendry, husband of Margaret Donaldson, but ...?? Included in the household was a Hugh Drymple, aged 40, a Coal Miner, and an individual whose name was not known, i.e. " N.K.", aged above 20, neither of whom were identified as born in Clackmannanshire.

1841 Census (7th. June) Alloa (465) Book 1 Page 18

Old Bridge, Alloa.

Name Age Occupation Born in County
Ebenezer Hendry 55 Agricultural Labourer Yes
Elizabeth Hendry 40   No
Hugh Drymple 40 Coal Miner No
N.K. Above 20   No

Ebenezer Hendry, husband of Margaret Donaldson, died on 13 January 1849, aged 66. This fact is recorded on a headstone in Sighthill Cemetry in Glasgow, belonging to his son in law Thomas Kirk husband of his eldest daughter Mary. The headstone does not record where he died.

Kirk \ Hendry Grave stone in Sighthill Cemetery

(with grateful thanks to www.memento-mori.co.uk)

 Erected by 

 Thomas Kirk 

 To the memory of MARGARET his daughter 

 Who died October 11th 1845 

 Aged 9 months 

 EBENEZER HENDRY his father in law 

 Died 13th January 1849 Aged 66 

 WILLIAM KIRK died 17th October 1855 

 Aged 10 months 

 ROBERT KIRK his brother 

 Died 5th December 1860 

 Aged 49 years 

 MARY HENDRY his wife 

 Died 10th February 1865 

 Aged 50 years 

 The above THOMAS KIRK 

 Died 14th June 1882 

 Aged 75 years 

There is an Elizaeth Wright recorded as a widow, aged 73 living in Bridge Sreet, Alloa, born in Alva, Stirlingshire, for the 1851 census, although in theory to be the same Elizabeth Hendry, nee Wright, in the 1841 census she should have been recorded as aged between 50 and 54. However I do believe this is the Elizabeth Hendry, nee Wright, widow of Ebenezer.

1851 Census (31st. March) Alloa (465) Book 5 Pagee 20

Bridge Street, Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Elizabeth Wright Head - Widow 73   Alva, Stirlingshire

My belief that this Elizabeth Wright was in fact Elizabeth Hendry, nee Wright, widow of Ebenezer is based on the death certificate of an Elizabeth Henry whose death was recorded in Alloa on 10 June 1856. This individual was recorded as Elizabeth Henry, a widow and a Pauper, aged 75, recorded as living in Old Bridge Street, Alloa. Although her parents names were recorded as "Unknown" her father's surname was given as "Wright". If I am correct in this assumption that this is Ebenezer's widow then she would have been born about 1778-1781. Obviously this would make her age listed in the 1841 census as wrong as one would expect her to be listed as aged somewhere between 55-65. However the 1841 census lists her as not born in Clackmannanshire which does fit with this 1851 census identifying her as born in Alva, Stirlingshire. The death certificate records that Elizabeth Henry, nee Wright, was buried in the Churchyard of Alloa, but as it also identifies her as a pauper it is highly unlikely that there was ever a headstone marking her place of burial.

Death Record of Elizabeth Henry, nee Wright - died 10 June 1856, Alloa, Clackmannanshire