Two obituaries of Robert H. MacDonald son of Roderick MacDonald and Joanna Urquhart, from unamed ?Montreal? newspapers.

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Two obituaries of Robert H. MacDonald son of Roderick MacDonald and Joanna Urquhart, from unamed ?Montreal? newspapers.




 The architectural profession and the construction industry mourn the passing on Wednesday of the late ROBERT H. MACDONALD member of the firm of Ross and Macdonald, architects, Montreal. The funeral on Friday afternoon was widely attended by notables among architects, engineers and construction executive personnel




 (16 Dec 1942)


Robert H. Macdonald Designer

in Partnership of Outstand-

ing Buildings


MONTREAL, Dec, 20 Canada lost one of her outstanding architects on Wednesday in the passing of Robert H. Macdonald in the Royal Victoria Hospital here after an illness of about 8 months.  Known and highly respected by building men from coast to cast  Mr. Macdonald was senior partner in the architectural firm of Ross and Macdonald, and is survived by his widow and one son Roderick D. of Washington D.C..  Three sisters and two brothers in Australia also survive.

He was born in Melbourne, Australia, March 7, 1875, son of Roderick and Joanna Urquhart Macdonald, both from the North of Scotland, and was educated in public schools and Brunswick College, Melbourne. After being an articled pupil of Richard B. Whittaker, M.S.A.. Melbourne he came to Canada in 1895 commencing here as junior draughtsman with Robert Findlay.  In 1900 he travelled to Great Britain and Europe, later taking posts with George B. Post and Sons, New York, and afterward becoming senior draughtsman with Crichton and McKay in Wellington, New Zealand. He was head draughtsman with W. W. Bosworth, New York, 1906 and 1907, and was associated with Ross and MacFarlane, Montreal, 1907 to 1912, afterwards entering partnership of Ross and Macdonald in 1913.

As partner, Mr. Macdonald designed such outstanding buildings as the Royal York Hotel, Toronto; Mount Royal Hotel, Mont-

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real: Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina;. Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg; Macdonald Hotel, Edmonton; Dominion Square Building, Montreal; Chateau Apartments, Montreal; Union Station, Toronto, in association with Hugh G. Jones and John. M. Lyle; Royal Bank Building, Toronto; Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto; T. Eaton, Company Stores, Toronto and Montreal, Calgary and Saskatoon: YMCA buildings, Montreal, and Kitchener; Biological and Neurological Institute, McGi11 University, Montreal; Homeopathic Hospital, Montreal; rebuilding of the city of Halifax following the disaster of 1917, and several office buildings in Montreal and elsewhere.

Mr. Macdonald was a Fellow of The Royal Institute of British Architects, Fellow of The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, a past president and recipient of Medal of Merit of the Province of Quebec Association of Architects. Funeral service was held at Joseph C. Wray and Brothers chapel on Mountain Street on Friday at 3 pm.




Died Wed. 16th Dec. 1942


Australian-born Architect,

Who Died Wednesday, Had

Notable Career.




Outstanding Structures and

Institutions in Montreal and

Elsewhere Monuments to

His Art and Skill

Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m. today for the late Robert H. Macdonald, F.R.I.B.A., F.R.I.C.A., of Montreal, brilliant Australian who was the architect or co-designer of some of the most important buildings in this city and elsewhere across Canada.

The last rites for Mr. Macdonald who died here Wednesday in


the Ross Memorial Pavilion of the Royal Victoria Hospital, will be conducted in the Mountain street funeral chapel of Jos. C. Wray and Bro, by Rev. William Orr Mulligan, minister of Melville Presbyterian Church, Westmount.  The late Mr. Macdonald was a member of the church.

A past president of the Province of Quebec Association of Architects and holder of that body's Medal of Merit, Mr. Macdonald was a member of the Montreal partnership of Ross and Macdonald, one of Canada's leading firms of architects.  As a partner with George A. Ross. he was the designer or co-designer of some of the largest and best known buildings, of various types, in the principal centres of the Dominion.

The Montreal buildings for which his firm served as architects include the Dominion Square Building, Chateau Apartments, Mount Royal Hotel, T. Eaton Co. store, Central Y.M.C.A. Building, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University Biological Building, Homoeopathic Hospital, Devonshire and Maisonneuve schools, and several office buildings.


Outstanding structures at other points in Canada to the credit of the partnership, which was formed in 1913, include the Royal York Hotel, Toronto. largest in the Empire; Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina; Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg; Macdonald Hotel, Edmonton; the Union Station, Toronto, in association with Hugh G. Jones and John M. Lyle; Three Rivers Station; Central Technical School, Toronto; Royal Bank Building and Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto; and T. Eaton Co. store buildings in Toronto, Calgary and Saskatoon as well as here.

Mr. Macdonald and his firm played a leading part in the rebuilding of Halifax following the disaster in 1917, when a ship loaded with munitions and explosives blew up in the harbor there. He and his partner ........


Born at Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Macdonald was in his 68th year. After education in the public schools and Brunswick College in Melbourne he became an articled pupil of Richard B. Whitaker, M.S.A. of Melbourne. But in 1895, when only 20 years of age, he came to Canada and joined the staff of Robert Findlay of Montreal as junior draughtsman.

He had been five years with Mr Findlay when he embarked on the first and longest itinerary of the extensive travels which took him through many countries of ........ and later to New York and ........ the Pacific to New Zealand ........ 1900, he travelled al- ........ in the British ........ -ing a valuable  ........ culture ........ of the ........

Macdonald was a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. The only club to which he belonged was the Engineers' Club here. He was a governor of the Homoeopathic Hospital.

He leaves his widow, the former Mary Rutherford, whom he married in 1905; one son, Roderick D. Macdonald, director of the aircraft branch of the Washington  D.C., liaison office of Canada's Department of Munitions and Supply; and three sisters and two brothers living in Australia.