The known children of Joseph Madge aka John Dart and Ann Wotton

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The known children of Joseph Madge aka John Dart and Ann Wotton.

John Madge Dart born 4 Jun 1843, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

For the census of 1861 John, aged 18, a "tanner's carter", was recorded at Upham Buildings in Cheriton Fitzpaine in the household of John Wotton, also a "tanner's carter", and his wife Sally (nee Mare?). This John Wotton was almost certainly the brother of Anne Madge, nee Wotton and therefoe John's uncle.

1861 Census (3rd April) Cheriton Fitzpaine RG9/1474 Folio 54 Book 6 Page 3

3 Upham Buildings, Cheriton Fitzpaine Village.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
John Wotton Head (married) 39 Tanner’s Carter Poughill, Devon
Sally Wotton Wife 37   Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Harriet Wotton Daughter 12 Scholar Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Edward Wotton Son 11 Scholar Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Henry Wotton Son 8 Scholar Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Bessy Wotton Daughter 5 Scholar Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
John Wotton Son 3   Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
William Wotton Son 1   Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
John Madge Boarder 18 Tanner’s Carter Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Henry Wills Boarder 21 Carter Silverton, Devon
John Yeo Boarder 18 Carter Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

There is an article in the The Taunton Courier of Wednesday 1st November 1865 which tells of a somewhat bizarre marital episode between John's parents Joseph and Ann.

The Taunton Courier - Wednesday 1st November 1865

This article does include the deatil that Ann was "the mother of six children, one of whom is in the 6th Dragoon Guards. As John is the only child of Joseph and Ann I have not been able to at least tentatively identify after his appearance in the 1861 census it woulld seem likely that this refers to John and there was indeed a "John Madge - Private Service number 314" recorded in the General Muster Books and Pay Lists of the 6th Dragoon Guards in 1871-72 in Dundalk, Ireland. (Source FindMyPast - Record set British Army, Worldwide Index). There is also a "Madge, John - Private - 6th Dragoon Guards" who died sometime between 1865 and 1876 as there is an entry for a this individual in the London Gazette of 26th September 1876 under the heading, "Soldiers Balances Unclaimed - LIST LXXXIX of the names of Soldiers deceased since 1865, whose Personal Estate is held by the Secretary of State for War for distribution amongst the Next of Kin or others entitled." The "Personal Estate" of this John Madge amounted to 1 and 4 shillings.

I am incined to the belief that this John Madge was the son of Joseph and Ann Madge, and his death 1872-1876 would explain why I have been unable to find record of a John Madge of the right age, born in Crediton \ Cherion Fitzpaine in the 1881 or subsequent censuses. It is possible that the death may have occured in Ireland which would also explain or any obvious record of the death of a John Madge of an appropriate age in the BMD indexes 1861-1881. A record of age of the John Madge of the 6th Dragoon Guards would go a long way to confirming this belief! Ironically assuming this is our John Madge, and presuming he had not married, his next of kin, i.e. his parents, were busy making sure they could not be found in Newport. Consequently they may never have received his estate or possibly even have been informed of his demise.

London Gazette of 26th September 1876 - Soldiers Balances Unclaimed - Pages 5205-6

Reuben Madge Dart born 18 Jul 1847, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Reuben married Elizabeth Phillips or Elizabeth Thomas in Aprl/June 1875 in Newport, Monmouthshire. Elizabeth was born in 1848 in Newport, Monmouthshire. Reuben and Elizabeth would seem to have had one known child:

For the census of 1881 census Reuben Madge Dart, his wife Elizabeth, along with their son John were living in Newport.

1881 Census (4th April) Newport RG11/5258 Folio 102 Book 6 Page 34

Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Reuben Dart Head 34 Lime Burner Newport, Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Dart Wife 33   Newport, Monmouthshire
John Dart Son 5   Newport, Monmouthshire

For the census of 1891 Reuben was still in Newport but it would seem that John their son was an only child.

1891 Census (6th April) Newport RG12/4371 Folio 34 Book 2 Page 13

52 Nelson Street, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Reuben Dart Head 40 Lime Burner Devon
Elizabeth Dart Wife 40   Newport, Monmouthshire
John Dart Son 16 Rope Maker Newport, Monmouthshire

Reuben died January/March 1900 in Newport, Monmouthshire aged 53, to be followed the following year by his wife Elizabeth who died January/March 1901 also in Newport aged 53.

Daniel Madge Dart born 15 Jun 1850, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Next Generation in our Madge \ Dart Family History. His details are included in the main Madge family history page.

Isaac Madge Dart born 18 Apr 1852, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Isaac married Mary Jane Litson, in October/December 1873 in Newport, Monmouthshire. Isaac and Mary had the following known children:

It would seem that Isaac worked as a labourer in the Newport docks as there is a report of an unfortunate accident that befell him whilst working there on a ship in the Alexandra Dock when a hatch cover fell on his ankle, fracturing it. This was reported in the Cardiff Times of 3rd June 1893


Cardiff Times 3rd June 1893

For the 1881 census Isaac was living with his wife, Mary Jane Litson, whom he married October/December 1873 in Newport, and their children Elizabeth, John, and Isaac. He has presumably recovered from the broken ankle sustained the previous year and was recorded as back labouring on the docks.

1881 Census (4th April) Newport RG11/5266 Folio 111 Book 31 Page 8

9 Constable Lane, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Isaac Dart Madg Head 29 Dock labourer Crediton, Exeter
Mary Dart Madg Wife 27   Newport, Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Dart Madg Daughter 7 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
John Dart Madg Son 4 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Isaac Dart Madg Son 2   Newport, Monmouthshire
W.H. Williams Boarder 20 Mariner Newport, Monmouthshire
Eliza Williams Wife 19   Newport, Monmouthshire
Wm. H. Williams Son (??) 14 Dock labourer Newport, Monmouthshire

For the census of 1891 Isaac is still living at Constable Lane, but his family has expanded considerably with the births of Arthur, William, Samuel and Reuben.

1891 Census (6th April) Newport RG12/4373 Folio 126 Book 18 Page 48

Constable Lane, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Isaac Dart Madg Head 39 Labourer Crediton, Exeter
Mary Dart Madg Wife 37   Newport, Monmouthshire
John Dart Madg Son 15 Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire
Isaac Dart Madg Son 12 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Arthur Dart Madg Son 10 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
William Dart Madg Son 7 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Samuel Dart Madg Son 3 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Reuben Dart Madg Son 10 months   Newport, Monmouthshire
Joseph Holland Lodger (Widow) 37 Mason Barnstaple, Devon

Isaac Dart died January/March 1899 aged 44. For the census of 1901 his widow Mary was living at more or less the same address. Charles and William Litson are obviously relations as per recorded of Mary but what the relationship was is unknown. (I would guess nephews??). She and Isaac had had at least one other child prior to Isaac death, Charles born about 1892.

1901 Census (1st April) Newport RG13/4959 Folio 65 Book 29 Page 33

8 Constable Lane, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Mary Jane Dart Head (Widow) 46   Newport, Monmouthshire
Arthur Dart Son 19 Labourer - General Newport, Monmouthshire
William Dart Son 17   Newport, Monmouthshire
Samuel Dart Son 13   Newport, Monmouthshire
Charles Dart Son 8   Newport, Monmouthshire
Charles Litson Relative 19 Labourer in Rivet Works Newport, Monmouthshire
William Litson Relative 17   Newport, Monmouthshire

Mary Jane Litson died in April\June 1903 aged 48 in Newport

William Madge Dart was born 31 May 1857, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

William Madge Dart, married Alice Newbury in July/September 1875 in Newport. William and Alice had the following known children:

Judging by an article in the South Wales Daily News of 28 Sepyember 1878, 3 years after their marriage it would seem that William was not ideal husband material...!

South Wales Daily News- 28th September 1878

There is a record an Alice Dart living in the house of her parents William and Ann Newbury in the 1881 census. Also in the household is a William Dart their grandson and presumably her son. Where her husband William Dart is is unknown, but his absence may have some conection to the events of 1878.

1881 Census (4th April) Newport RG11/5263 Folio 102 Book 17 Page 11

39 St George Street St Woollos, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Newberry Head 48 Cab Driver Wellow, Somerset
Ann Newberry Wife 46   Wellow, Somerset
Alice Dart Daughter 23 Charwoman Newport, Monmouthshire
Rosina Newberry Daughter 14 Domestic servant Newport, Monmouthshire
Bessy Newberry Daughter 17 Charwoman Newport, Monmouthshire
William Newbury Son 9 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Sarah Newberry Daughter 7 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Albert Newberry Son 3 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
William Dart Grandson 5 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
John Sullivan Lodger 18 Iron Foundry Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire

For the census of 1891 William is included in the household along with Alice. Included in the household along with their son William, aged 14, was a second son George Dart, aged 8. One might hope that after the rocky start the couple had settled down to a more peaceful co-existance!

1891 Census (6th April) Newport RG12/4372 Folio 69 Book 9 Page 11

8 Brecons Place, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
William Dart Head 34 Coal Trimmer Exeter, Devon
Alice Dart Wife 33 Charwoman Newport, Monmouthshire
William Dart Son 14 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
George Dart Son 8 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire

William died October/December 1897 in Newport, Monmouthshire aged 42. Alice his wife also died in the same quarter, year, and place aged 39.

William and Alice's eldest son William married Mary Matilda Gallivan in October/December 1899 in Brecknock, Breconshire and their first child a son William George was born in January/March 1900 in Brecknock, Breconshire.

For the census of 1901 Mary Matilda and the baby William George were living in the household of William's grandmother, the Ann Newberry of the 1881 census. Her husband William Newberry had died in January/March 1882 in Newport, and she had married a George Andred in October/December 1883 Newport, hence being listed as with the surname Andred. Whether her forename was really Ann or Angelina is unknown. George Andred had died two years previous to the 1901 census in January/ March 1899 in Newport hence her listing as widow. Also recorded in the household is George Dart, listed as grandson who I assume was further son of William Madge Dart and Alice Newbury (and Albert Newbury aged 3 in the 1881 census)

1901 Census (1st April) Newport RG13/4959) Folio 133 Book 32 Page 5

119 Rupena Street, St Pauls, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Ann Andred Head 65 Own Means Wellow, Somerset
Albert Newberry Son 23 Corn Hawker - General Self employed Newport, Monmouthshire
George Dart Grandson 18 General Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire
Rosina Wall Granddaughter 12 Scholar Newport, Monmouthshire
Mary M. Dart Boarder 26 No Occupation Brecknock, Breconshire
William G. Dart Son of above 1   Brecknock, Breconshire

Hermon Madge Dart born 17 Jul 1862, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Hermon Madge Dart  married an Agnes Price in Sep 1883 in Newport. Hermon and Agnes had the following known children:

There is an article in the Cardiff Times of 24 July 1886 refering to the assault by a Herman Dart on an Agnes Forest which would seem likely to be "our" Herman. There is little detail to the why's and wherefores but ....

Cardiff Times 24th July 1886

For the census of 1891 Hermon and Agnes were living at 33 Baldwin Street in Newport with their four children, Agnes born circa 1883, Hermon born circa 1885, Daniel born circa 1886, and Annie born circa 1888, all born in Newport. (In the 1881 census Hermon was at 21 Baldwin Street with his mother).

1891 Census (6th April) Newport RG12/4374 Folio 57 Book 21 Page 14

33 Baldwin Street, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Hermon Madg Dart Head 28 Boiler Cleaner Hay, Herefordshire
Agnes Dart Wife 28   Exeter
Agnes Dart Daughter 8   Newport, Monmouthshire
Hermon Dart Son 6   Newport, Monmouthshire
Daniel Dart Son 4   Newport, Monmouthshire
Annie Dart Daughter 2   Newport, Monmouthshire

Agnes Dart died aged 32 in January-March 1895 in Newport.

Hermon remarried on 10 March 1896 in Newport to an Ellen Verrinder. (see appended Note - Verrinder). Interestingly on 5th November 1891 in the Workhouse, Chard, Somerset, Ellen Verrinder had given birth to a son, Charles, who died the following year. The Mormon I.G.I. records Hermon Madge-Dart as the father but this is not supported by the actual birth certificate for this event which does NOT give a father's at all. I believe that it is unlikely that Hermon was the father and that the record on the Mormon I.G.I. site is an assumption being made by someone.

It would seem that Herman and Ellen's marriage at least initially had a somewhat tempestous start as there is an article in the South Wales Echo of 13th January 1897 reporting Ellen's appearance at Newport Borough Police Court "to complain of the treatment of her husband, Herman Dart". I would like to think that the fact that "The Bench read both husband and wife a little lecture" and that they "both promised to try to live more peaceably in the future" resolved the maritial strife thereafter. Certainly they were still recorded in the same house 14 years later for the census of 1911. However levels of maritial harmony were not recorded as part of the census!

Cardiff Times 16th January 1897

For the census of 1901 Hermon and Ellen were living in Newport at 17 Robert Street. There are no children of their own at this time but the children of Hermon's previous marriage, Agnes, Hermon, Daniel, and Annie, were all living in the household.

1901 Census (1st April) Newport RG13/4958 Folio 112 Book 24 Page 17

17 Robert Street, Holy Trinity, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Hermon Madg Dart Head 39 Dock Labourer Exeter, Devon
Ellen Madg Dart Wife 28   Ireland
Agnes Madg Dart Daughter 18 Domestic Newport, Monmouthshire
Hermon Madg Dart Son 16 Pottery Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire
Daniel Madg Dart Son 14 Pottery Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire
Annie Madg Dart Daughter 12   Newport, Monmouthshire

The Verrinder/Madge-Dart connection was further established with the marriage, on 22nd July 1907 in Newport, of Mary Ann Verrinder, Ellen's little sister, to the above mentioned Daniel Dart, the son of Hermon Dart and Agnes Price. I would imagine that the Agnes Dart who appears as a witness on Daniel and Mary Ann's marriage certificate was Daniel's sister Agnes, who also appears in the above 1901.

For the census of 1911 Hermon was living with his wife and his elder son by his first wife at 19 Lime Street, Newport. The census confirms that to date Herman and Ellen have had no children.

1911 Census (2nd April) Newport

19 Lime Street, Newport, Monmouthshire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Where Born
Herman Madge Dart Head 50 Dock Labourer Tiverton, Devon
Ellen Madge Dart Wife 38   Youghal, Cork, Ireland
Herman James Dart Son 26 Iron Foundry Labourer Newport, Monmouthshire

It is possible that Ellen died the year after this census as their is a death of a HELEN Dart aged 39 registered in Newport in that year. (Ref: Jan-Mar 1912 - Newport M.Vol 11a Page 316). Herman died in 1928 aged 66 (Ref: Apr-Jun 1928 - Newport M. Vol 11a Page 240), and I suspect that Herman (jnr) died only 3 years after his father in 1933 (Ref: Apr-Jun 1931 Newport M. Vol 11a Page 217).

VERRINDER NOTES - (for the Verrinder info I am indebted to Sue Kirby (nee Verrinder) who along with her cousin Stan Verrinder (of Newport) has spent the last 12 years researching the Verrinder name. Should the name Verrinder be of interest to you please email me and I will pass your details on to Sue).

Ellen's parents were George Verrinder and Ellen Sullivan. They were married in Ireland where their first 6 children were born. However George's marriage to Ellen was bigamous as 4 years prior to this, whilst living in London, George had married a Maria Hale. George and Maria had had two children before he seems to have left and gone to Ireland. Why he went is not known. Maria lived with her parents after George disappeared and both daughters went on to marry and have their own families - whether they ever heard from George again is not known but it would seem likely they did not as once settled in Newport George never left.